Welcome Message From CEO

Welcome to the Ultimate Education Group based in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, Australia.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Damira Lopes
Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted to invite you to our Institute, one of the best Institutes where you will learn, dream and succeed. We pride ourselves in supporting our students, both domestic and international who have chosen Ultimate Education Group by offering quality training, state of the art facilities, experienced/qualified teachers, career and further study pathways to fit your needs.

Our Institute has a rich and successful history of preparing job ready graduates, the history of inspiration and achievement. We deliver nationally recognised Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualifications in a variety of subject areas. Our training programs are responsive to current industry trends. We customise training programs to ensure that each and every student goes through satisfying and enjoyable learning journey with us.

We provide flexible learning, innovative teaching methodologies with outstanding outcomes for students, industry and wider community.

Our training programs are based on principles of hands-on practical learning experiences in simulated or practical settings, student events with industry guests, internships, wok based training, student debates, study tours to Australian workplaces, attendance of industry events, EXPOs and Conferences. This gives students a feel for the industry, Australian workplaces and the skills they will need to become successful in their chosen careers. We provide equal opportunity for all and have a strong commitment to all of our students.

Learning at the Ultimate Education Group equips students with the required knowledge and seamlessly develops their competencies in problem-solving, critical thinking, safe work practices, presentation, use of Information Technology, leadership and people management just to name a few.

Our friendly staff always strives to accommodate student needs on campus and outside the classroom to ensure that students are comfortable and their welfare needs are attended to.

The teaching staffs at Ultimate Education Group is a team of highly experienced and appropriately qualified professionals that work very closely with the students on achieving academic goals and the desired learning outcomes.

Thank you for trusting us, Ultimate Education Group and joining a bright and vibrant learning community that encourages and empowers you to be your best.

I look forward to seeing you grow in your knowledge, Graduate and becoming our next success story!

Our commitment is to deliver quality, practical
training to produce industry-savvy graduates ready
to enter and succeed in the workforce.