The real-world work requires both employability aptitudes and specific aptitudes pertinent to an occupation. The key quality of industry related learning is that it permits you to create both of these. Moreover, by applying what you learn at college to a genuine work circumstance, it can make the course and the things you learn more relevant to your future career.

This kind of learning benefits your career by giving you knowledge into your chosen occupation, improve your employment prospects by creating industry networks, benefit you actually by expanding your self-confidence as you gain more involvement within the workplace as well as improve your academic execution by increasing your inspiration to do well in your studies.

At UIA, courses are designed in a way to combine the knowledge and skills that students acquire through their studies with the practical experience that they can use in the real world. Through the use of real-world learning, we make sure to prepare students for the workforce to improve their employment outcomes after graduation.

Our commitment is to deliver quality, practical
training to produce industry-savvy graduates ready
to enter and succeed in the workforce.