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Ultimate Institute of Australia is a welcoming and vibrant college with innovative and modern amenities. We are well equipped with education resources, including facilities, equipment, learning and, state of the art classrooms, student recreational areas and computer labs with free access to internet and email. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), UIA is designed to foster collaboration and innovation between students and teachers.


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UIA offers variety of course in Business and Information Technology.


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UIA is committed to providing quality education, state of the art facilities, dedicated and experienced trainers to fit the needs of the students. Fundamentally, UIA…


Entry Requirements

International students applying either off-shore or on-shore must meet the minimum requirements to gain admission into UIA…


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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Applying To Study At Ultimate Institute Of Australia.



All students are required to attend an orientation day at the beginning of their studies with UIA.

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UIA scholarship

UIA Australia offers its students a valuable chance to apply for scholarship which provides educational expense waivers…

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Career Support Centre

At UIA, we firmly believe in the importance to ensure that every student is supported in their career journey.

Our commitment is to deliver quality, practical
training to produce industry-savvy graduates ready
to enter and succeed in the workforce.